My name is Rimas and I’m a 3D artist, photographer, retoucher and graphic designer currently based in Birmingham, UK.

My story begins somewhere in Eastern Europe – let’s call that place Lithuania for now – sometime in the 1990s… My passion for tech and, eventually, art started with my dad. He’d teach me computing basics while I was a kid and I enjoyed it greatly. I still remember one faithful day when I was a teen, playing my video games (as kids do), my dad entered the room and told me to try my hand at some 3D, since I loved games so much…so I did! It resulted in so many instances of me falling asleep in my chair watching hours upon hours of tutorials for various software…

Fast-forward through all the boring stuff like “growing up” and “school” (where I was known as the resident computer and graphics nerd) – in 2011 I officially became an adult and went on to seek what life has to offer by moving to the UK to study and work.

Once here I attended a “BSc (Hons) Film Technology & Visual Effects” course at the Birmingham City University – this is where I got exposed to camera equipment and computer systems that I’d previously never had access to. Needless to say – it amplified my already-existing spark for the visual arts and technology that makes it all come alive.

After initially working for a year in what I’ll refer to as “food retail” during my studies (something many students do) – I was very lucky to have stumbled-upon a graphic design company called Clik Design, at the time based in the leafy St Paul’s Square, in the heart of Birmingham. There I worked on projects for a variety of clients, both local and nationwide, ranging from small businesses (freelancers, small sales offices, restaurants, etc) to large construction and property management companies. Before I knew it – I managed to clock in 11 years of experience working there…time just flew by before I knew it! 🙂

Created while working for Clik Design | ©Clik Creations Ltd

In early 2023, I finally bit the bullet and went solo – doing all the fancy graphical things that I’ve been doing before, of course! And here you are too, dear visitor – on my website – despite the millions of other ones out there…

Feel free to browse around, read about the services I offer, take a look at some cool visuals I’ve had the pleasure of creating and contact me if you think I can help you with anything you have in mind.

Thanks for visiting,
– Rimas